Issue 3 of 2015





  • Photos by Blackrotthmans Foto (Romania)
  • The Gift by Brenda Ryan (USA)
  • Lazy days? Much easier with a helpful dog! by Åsa Tova Bergh
  • Frank, Thor & Tracking by Tor Andre Breivikås (Norway)
  • A Tribute to Rob Ayley (New Zealand)
  • Herding…try it! By Audra Sinclair (Canada)
  • Common Themes in Dog Training by Lucy Newton (USA)
  • Rottweilers…photos by Emelie Lindohf (Sweden)
  • Interview with Jozef Adamuscin, FCI IPO World Champion 2015 (and 2013)
  • Young Handler Special Feature: Valentina Reyes (USA)
  • The Story of Jursuna Santa by Anja Hermane (Canada)
  • Certification—What is Next? By Athena Haus (USA)
  • Shortening of the Muzzle by Dr. Mario Buonfrate (Italy)
  • Helper Special Feature: Joseph Secreti (USA)
  • Training Dogs (not only for IPO)—Part 10 by Ladislav Mach (Czech
  • New Titles/Stud Dog/Brood Bitch/Upcoming Youth/Promising Puppy
  • The Rottweiler’s Feet & Pasterns by Yvonne Bekkers (The Netherlands)


  • 64. Deutsche Meisterschaft IPO of ADRK 2015
  • IV. Alba Regia Rottweiler Kutya Show-CAC
  • 45. ADRK-Klubsieger-Zuchtschau 2015
  • Victoria Rottweiler Club (RKNA-Canada)
  • 3rd & 4th Specialty Shows (Phillipines)
  • 115º Exposición Especializada ACRR 2015
  • Pacific Coast Rottweiler Performance Club (USA)
  • IFR IPO World Championship 2015
  • 25th World FCI IPO Championships 2015 (Switzerland)
  • 1. Breed Show RKNO 2015 (RKNA-USA)
  • 116º Nacional del Cria ACRR 2015
  • Asociación Cinológica Rottweiler Club de España (A.R.C.E.) Sieger
    Show (Spain)
  • 8º Rottweiler Show Senza Frontiere (Italy)
  • XVI Balkan Sieger & V Macedonian Klub Sieger (Macedonia)
  • 5. Meisterschaft IPO of RKNA 2015
  • Swedish Rottweiler Specialty Show 2015

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