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Cover Dog
Sumo von Tonis Bergen
Multi V1, Multi BOB, Croatia Young CH
2017 IFR Young World Winner
2017 ADRK Young World Winner
2017 Croatian Klubjugensieger + Best Young Male of Croatian Breeding
2017 Slovenia Klubjugensieger + Junior BOB
2017 ADRK Südpfalz Jugendsieger
2017 HMRD Hugary Auslandjugensieger & Klubjugendsieger & Best Young Dog in Show
2017 ADRK Oberpfaltzjugendsieger
2017 Sremjugendsieger
2017 Vice Schwabenjugendsieger
2017 Alba Reagia Auslandsieger & Best Adult Male
2018 Beograd Sieger
2018 Middle Europe Sieger + BOB

owned by Abdulaziz Al Mehri

Design by Petra Modrušan

• It All Started With a Rottweiler by Mike Horgan (USA)
• Interview with Robert Tenold (Norway)
• From the Veterinary Practice: Parasites Never Sleep—Are you Ready for Them? by Dr. Michael Chalupa
• Helper Special Feature: Kyle Krotter (USA)
• Interview with Bill Patterson (New Zealand)
• Interview with Eduardo Díaz Andrés (Spain)
• Caring for Your Senior Rottweiler—Part 2 by Chanone & Caleb (Canada)
• Parkour—What Is It? by Barbara Lloyd (Canada)
• The Unsung Heroes by Brenda Ryan (USA)
• Thinking Outside the Box…While Teaching Your Dog to Step Inside it by Åsa Tova Bergh (Sweden)
• The 7 Deadly Structural Faults by Steve Wolfson (USA)
• Show Training by Branko Torma (Serbia)
• What is the RKNA—Rottweiler Klub of North America? by Michelle Platt (USA)

• Heideschau ADRK (Germany)
• 2018 RKNA NE Regional Sieger Show & SE (USA)
• No. 5 Vorderpfalzschau & Ztp – ADRK (Germany)
• 2018 Finland Special Show (Finland)
• 1st Raduno Rottweiler del Connero Show (Italy)
• Inaugural Double Championship Shows of Rottweiler Club of Tasmania (Tasmania)
• Estonian Klub Sieger Show 2018 (Estonia)
• No. 7 Hardtschau 2018 (Germany)
• China Kennel Union Rottweiler Club – Clubsieger Show (China)
• BG Allgäu Bodensee – Ztp (Germany)
• Central Rottweiler Club of New Zealand Specialty Show (New Zealand)
• VII Macedonian Klub Sieger & II Royal Sieger (Macedonia)
• ADRK Local Group BG Allgäu Bodensee – Trial (Germany)
• No. 5 ADRK Weltsiegerschau 2018 (Germany)
• Workshop with Joel Monroe (Canada)
• Tamil Nadu Rottweiler Association – 2nd Annual Show (India)

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