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    2017 RKNA IPO Meister
    2016 RKNA NC Regional Champion
    Deerwood’s Nitrojett Atomic Huzzah!
    3x IPO 3, FH 2, FH, AD, BH, TR1, TDX, CKC TD, RE, XF, CA, DJ, TT, TKN
    USCA IPO 3 Club Member
    CRC Platinum Level 2 Achievement Award
    Earned IPO 1, IPO 2 & IPO 3 within 4 months of trialing
    Medallion Rottweiler Club Hall of Fame
    Multiple ARC Top Ten Rally
    2013 Invite to the AKC Rally Invitationals
    2013 Front & Finish Rally Advance A Top 10 Working Group

    Pauline Karalia

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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