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Volume 14 Digital Download


  • Building The Attention of The Dog by Cláudio Nogueira (Portugal)
  • “Utility Dog?” Some Suitable Challenges for Rotties—Part 2 by Åsa Tova Bergh (Sweden)
  • I and I by Jack Fields (USA)
  • Seizures in Dogs—Part 3 by Dr. Filippo Adamo, DVM, Dipl. ECVN, Veterinary Neurology Specialist (USA)
  • Considering a Frozen Semen Breeding by Evie Lynn (USA)
  • Herding Training by Louise McFarland (Australia)
  • Helper Feature—Jim Laubmeier (USA)
  • Belgium Ztp—Dirk Vandecasteele (FCI-Belgium)
  • Hip Dysplasia by Dr. Mohamed Mostapha (Egypt)
  • Definition of a Show Dog—Part 2 by Steve Wolfson (USA)
  • IFR News: Obligatory Breeding Regulations—Breed Suitability tests. The situation in Belgium by Dirk Vandecasteele (FCI-Belgium, Vice President IFR)
  • Roadmap! From Puppy to a Military Patrol Dog by Tor Breivikås (Norway)
  • Tracking Course Report by Draha Maskova (Czech Republic)
  • Dynamics of the Front Assembly—Part 3 by Steven Robinson (USA)
  • MINE Detection Dogs in Bosnia by Edin Mamela (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
  • Common Themes in Dog Training—Part 3 by Lucy Newton (USA)
  • Stud Dogs—Brood Bitches—Upcoming Youth—Promising Puppies
  • Candid Shots
  • Targeting in Protection by Nick Vannerom (Belgium)
  • Work Wonders: Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones: Getting Started—Part 2 by Dr. Tom Lonsdale (Australia)


  • Dutch Working Championships
  • Thailand Klub Sieger Show
  • Cyprus Klub Sieger Show
  • American Rottweiler Verin National Sieger Show (USA)
  • Southeastern Atlantic Rottweiler Klub (USA)
  • Mid-Atlantic Rottweiler Klub (USA)
  • CACIB Show—Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  • Palermo Sieger Show (Serbia)
  • APRO-Show Campinas—San Paulo (Argentina)
  • ADRK Ztp Metzingen (Germany)
  • Dutch Working Championship Helper Tryouts
  • Indonesia Klub Sieger Show
  • Steiermarksieger Schau—Graz (Austria)
  • CACIB Show—Eindhoven (Holland)
  • Special Rottweiler Show—Smolensk (Russia)