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From $28 per issue (includes shipping).
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From $34 per issue (includes shipping).

Benefit of a Subscription: When subscribed, magazines are mailed from the mailing house which allows them to be shipped at discounted rate. Conversely, magazines ordered after a print date incur higher shipping fees.

    • Magazines can be ordered…
      • annually (4 magazines per year) via a subscription above;
      • single current or back issues may be ordered and paid for individually via our store.
      • by phone by calling 1-250-888-0106.
    • Print (hard copy) – Surface (boat or truck) delivery – 2-9 weeks delivery all countries.
    • Print (hard copy) – Air delivery – 1-2 weeks delivery all countries.
    • Digital (pdf) – All issues are available by digital download (PDF) (choose the Digital Download subscription above to receive the latest issue and upcoming issues; or order any current or back issues from our store. You will receive an email with a link to your PDF.
    • All subscriptions (print or digital versions) will also have access to our “Flipbook” editions where you can view the issue on our web site. Online viewing requires a password, which will be sent to you as each new issue is released.  Online access is available here.
    • All prices are in US Dollar.
    • Payment accepted by VISA, MasterCard & PayPal. Payment can also be made over the phone by calling 1-250-888-0106.
    • AUTO RENEWAL: All subscriptions are set up on automatic renewal. Payment plans are available for monthly, quarterly or annually (choose subscription option above).
    • Magazines are published every 3 months (4X per year).
    • Subscription prices INCLUDE SHIPPING.
    • Magazines mailed from the mailing house are shipped at discounted rate (subscriptions benefit from this discounted rate). Magazines ordered after a print date must pay for airplane delivery.
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    • Did you move? Remember to email us to update your new shipping address.