Volume 50



Volume 50


• Interview with Norma Window (England)
• Understanding Words in a Critique by Eduardo Díaz Andrés (Spain)
• The Versatile Rottweiler—Trick Training by Paula Garnham (Australia)
• Cancer in a Toe by Sarah Morgan (England)
• Worth The Wait by Louise Odom (USA)
• No Puppies? Who Is At Fault? by Evie Lynn (USA)
• Interview with Tessa Vikström (Finland)
• The Rottweiler’s Eye by Yvonne Bekkers (FCI-The Netherlands)
• Dynamics of the Rear Assembly—Part 5 by Steve Robinson (USA)
• Teaching Heeling for Pet Dogs by Mia Dunn (USA)
• The Adventures of Rupert the Bear Interview with Jessie Hale (Australia)


• North England BRSDC – BH Trial (England)
• 31st National Sieger Show (Australia)
• Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen (VDH – Germany)
• Rottweiler Club of Queensland—Specialty Show (Australia)
• ADRK 51. Klubsieger-Zuchtschau 2023 (Germany)
• Ztp hosted by BG Allgäu Bodensee (Germany)Spring IGP Trial hosted by BG Allgäu Bodensee (Germany)
• Rottweiler Club of Victoria—68th Specialty Show (Australia)
• Summer Trial hosted by BG Allgäu Bodensee (Germany)

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