About Us

Total Rottweiler Magazine

Who we are.

We are an international Rottweiler magazine with world wide circulation bringing the Rottweiler community together world wide. TTRM is a resource tool Rottweiler owners can turn to for helpful information on anything about the Rottweiler or training from family companion, sport dog, show dog, service dog etc.

Our Editorial Board.

  • Jane Mitchelmore, Editor-In-Chief
  • Suski Tuominen, Graphics
  • Emelie Lindohf, Graphics
  • Petra Modrušan, Graphics
  • Lucy Ang, Contributing Editor
  • Ivan Huang, Contributing Editor
  • Lala Roberts, Contributing Editor
  • Web Image Media, Webmaster

What we publish.

We publish approved articles on anything about the Rottweiler. Our articles are written by knowledgeable, experienced individuals in the area they are writing about. Articles include, but are not limited to, training articles covering all aspects of training in IGP, obedience, protection and tracking. We also publish articles on Service Rottweilers, K9’s, carting, agility, herding, CKC/AKC advanced titles–all working dog titles. We interview trainers and kennels.

Events we cover.

We cover international ADRK style trials and shows held around the globe. We will cover any Rottweiler event anywhere in the world if we are sent a minimum of 15 photos from the event of different dogs. We offer exposure to the photographers as we publish their contact information at the top of their picture page.


Our goal is to give world wide exposure to our advertisers so their advertising dollar is maximized.  Ads are published on social media–TTRM Facebook, TTRM Facebook groups, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, TTRM website and in our newsletters.  Advertisers can send us videos on their dogs or kennel and we will publish on TTRM Youtube channel.

Is your Rottweiler group hosting a Rottweiler event?  Send us your advertisement and we will market your event at no charge!

We deliver promptly!

Magazines are shipped immediately after printing. For orders received after printing, they will be processed the next business day. Surface postage rate is only available at the time of printing. Air mail rates apply if not mailed from printer at time of printing.  All issues are available by digital download.

Pricing Philosophy.

We sell ad space at near cost. Meticulous adherence to quality control, efficient systems and production allows us to keep our prices rock bottom. Our pricing philosophy is simple: Our price has to be your best price in the market. When showcasing your dog or kennel, you can rely on our experience for an unbiased opinion and recommendation. We offer advertising packages to suit most budgets. Visit our advertising page for pricing details.

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