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Miracle Needles of Acupuncture by Dr. Tatang Cahyono (Indonesia)

Accupuncture article


Miracle Needles of Acupuncture
By Dr. Tatang Cahyono, Veterinarian (Indonesia)
Translated by Leowardi Santono

Acupuncture therapy can be used to help a pet with nerve system problems. Clinical examination of the Rottweiler in the demonstration pictures of this article showed stroke-like paralysis and nerve distemper. The combination of conventional medicine and acupuncture can give a very effective result in the case of neurological problems as shown by the veterinary clinic of Dr. Vet. Cucu Kartini & Associated in Jakarta, Indonesia. The method of the acupuncture therapy they use is adopted by PAKSI (The Association of Acupuncture Indonesia).


The term acupuncture comes from the Greek words “acus” (needle) and “punctura” (stitches). Acupuncture is a therapy method from China detailed in the ancient foundation medical text Huang Tineiching. The Yellow Emperor’s classing of internal medicine was called Chen Chiuw. Acupuncture is a system using moxibation and insertion of fine needles at specific points of body area to balance the Chi energy accordingly with nature.

Materials and Method

Acupuncture has many variants, and can be done such as acupuncture, acupressure, electro-puncture, aqua-Puncture, ultrasonic-puncture or laser-puncture combination.

To learn acupuncture, we must know:

  • The theories of Yin and Yang (negative and positive
  • Moving the five elements (wood, fire, soil, metal and water)
  • Meridian Theory (inertly, excellent, bilateral, unilateral)
  • The Main Point (Mu, Shu, Yen, Xi, Luo and Katla)
  • The Chi circulation
  • The group syndrome

The Acupuncturist’s check-up method includes:

  • Collecting data from the patient with attention to Sen., Expression, Singtai, Map of Tang
  • Hearing (response, cough, sneeze and bark)
  • Smell (urine, puss and mouth)
  • Interview with the owner (history of pain, main problem, usual condition and special condition)
  • Touching (Yes Point, Mu and Shu Point)

Diagnosis method of acupuncture is based on the major problem in eight categories, location and source of the sickness, cause of the sickness, then followed by prognosis. To accelerate recovery, the veterinarian must choose the point and how to manipulate, and frequency of the acupuncture therapy.

Stroke Therapy

Stroke is the condition of deficiency of blood supply to the brain due to the blockage or breaking of blood vessels. This may cause disturbance of the eyes, nerves and face, paralysis, mouth closed, and head’s tendons deformed and weak.

Observation on Patient in demonstration pictures:

  • Sen.: Melancholy eye sight, less enthusing, awareness good
  • Expression: Depression
  • Singtai: Skin normal, Coat shedding, Nose a bit dry, from sitting position to moving right rear leg dragging, eye normal, mouth closed
  • Tongue profile: Mucosa and muscle of the tongue cannot be examined because the jaw is closed.

The main complaint is the mouth being locked closed causing difficulty of intake of food, head size getting smaller, right rear leg showing weakness, and body slimming down. The dog is a show dog who has been a class winner with multi-V1 ratings and Best Futurity. He had suffered from this complaint for about two weeks before he was brought to the veterinary clinic for treatment. However, acupuncture therapy was suggested because the veterinarian was not able to do much. The dog still wants to eat and drink; however, he can only open his mouth about 1cm.

Laboratory test show GB excess, Si excess, Lu excess, Ki deficiency, St excess, Te deficiency.


Area of problem : (GV 14, 15, 15, 20, GB 19, 20). Yess Point (Si 17, 18, 19. St 5, 6, 7). Point Mu front (GB 24). Point Shu rear (BL 19). Point Yuen (GB 40) and Point Lu (GB 37).


The main complaint is closing of mouth, right rear leg weak, body slim, head small. Category hot excess, Yang inside. Disease organ GV, GB, SP caused from outside.


The main complaint attack organ GV, so that the prognosis is not good. Optimal recovery would be expected to be 95%.

Method of acupuncture therapy

  • Twice weekly, Choice (EAA Electro Acupuncture Apparatus), Main Point: Mu (GB 24), Shu (BL 19), Yuen
    (GB 40), Luo (GB 37).
  • Choice of supporting point (GV 14, 15, 20. GB 19, 20), Si
    (17, 18, 19). ST (5, 6, 7).
  • Additional point (Ki 3, BL 40, ST 36, GV 2, 4. BL 22, 23, 17) Manipulate with sedation and normal.


Give food mixed with meat, chicken feet (without bones), daily exercise, control the hygiene of his cage, and train with ball for opening of the jaw.


Observation using the method of measuring the jaw opened using a lineal 1 cm to 7 cm, then normal, trained with the ball increasing diameter from 2 cm to 7 cm. Stamina was gained by increasing walking distance, then running. Body weight was increased from 42 kgs to 52 kgs. The dog is declared recovered from stroke syndrome.


The method of examination and acupuncture therapy is based on human standard therapy procedure of PAKSI (Indonesian Acupuncture Association). We use our senses of observation, hearing and smell to analyze the problem, and an interview with the dog owner is essential to complete data for therapy. Touching is needed in order to know the point of complaint, and accordingly determine the point of acupuncture, and form a diagnosis for the main complaint and additional complaints. The hot condition is a syndrome from stroke. Excess energy is the cause of the muscle to be hard and stiff, the organ “Yang” is being attached GB and ST the main, which caused the “extremities” disease from outside. This can be due to overtraining, stress, weather, etc.

Prognosis was dubious because organ GV attached. Therapy was given twice weekly to increase the “Chi” inside the body, accelerated with the use of electrical appliances, with bioelectric theory.

The choosing of 1st point and main point for treatment, GB is Gall Bladder which is related to disease syndrome GV (Governor Vessel) is the point that influence the nerve system ST and SI (Stomach and Small Intestine point, that is at the Jaw area with the function as point “Yes” to open the mouth), point KI (Kidney), BL (Bladder) to strengthen the leg and back including BL 17 which is dominant to circulate the blood. Manipulate with sedation for relaxation and normalize the energy.


Acupuncture is a good alternative therapy for cases involving nerve system disturbance. Success Rate of Acupuncture Therapy Carried out By Dr. Vet. Tatang Cahyono at the clinic Dr. Vet Cucu & Associated in Jakarta.


Percentage of the success rate of acupuncture + medicine based on case:


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  • Vet. Clinic, Dr. Vet. Cucu Kartini & Associates.
    Address : Jl. Sunter Permai Raya, Ruko Nirwana – Sunter Asri Tahap III. Blok J-1 No. 2. Jakarta-Utara. Indonesia. Email : Dr. Vet. Cucu Kartini <>
  • Reference : Rottweiler Kennel von White Sand Amour. DR.- ING. S. Leowardi (Nucl.), General Secretary of The All Indonesia Kennel Club, Head of Training & Breed Warden of Rottweiler Club Indonesia.

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