Volume 15



Volume 15


  • Work Wonders: Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones (Getting Started Part 3) by Dr. Tom Lonsdale (Australia)
  • Building The Attention of The Dog by Claudio Nogueira (Portugal)
  • What to Look for When Importing a Stud Dog by Evie Lynn (USA)
  • Definition of a Show Dog—Part 2 by Steve Wolfson (USA)
  • Young Handler Special Feature: Nikola Vukelic (Serbia – Flash Rouse Kennel)
  • Rottweilers at Play. Photos by Emelie Lindohf (Sweden)
  • Helper Feature: Interview with ADRK Judge Roland Seibel—Part 1 (Germany)
  • I and I—Part 2 by Jack Fields (USA)
  • Dysplasia of the Hip by Dr. Mario Buonfrate Vet Specialist in Orthopedics & Traumatology (Italy)
  • Cardiomyopathy in the Modern Doberman—Part 2 by Dr. Eugene L. Yerusalimsky, Ph.D. (Biology)—Russia
  • First Xreme Distance & DiscDogathon Qualifier in Belgium by Tamara Thijs (Belgium)
  • Out of Africa & Into the Dog Park…Rottie-Style by Tom Lloyd (USA)
  • Stud Dogs—Brood Bitches—Upcoming Youth—Promising Puppies
  • Candid Shots
  • Rottweilers at Play by Emelie Lindohf (Sweden)
  • Protection by Nick Vannerom (Belgium)
  • Double Handling: Very Important Job—Part 1 by Alfredo Estrada Santiago (FCI—Mexico)


  • RKNA Spring Sieger Show – Nashville Rottweiler Klub (USA)
  • IFR World Show 2012 including Judges’ Interviews (Spain)
  • ADRK Spring Körung
  • Northern Districts Rottweiler Club of New South Wales (Australia)
  • Sichtungspruefung (Qualifier)—ADRK
  • Dutch Rottweiler Club—Helper Tryouts
  • Ishoj Rottweiler Club Double Show (Denmark)
  • Croatia Klub Seiger Show
  • Dutch Rottweiler Club CAC Clubshow 2012 (The Netherlands)
  • Rottweiler Club of Victoria Specialty Show & Breed Survey (Australia)
  • Belgium Kombi Show
  • RKNA Breed Show – Central Ontario Rottweiler Klub (Canada)
  • Russia Show
  • 24th Annual Championship & Grand Victor Show (South Africa)
  • Rottweiler Club of Victoria Show (Australia)
  • 2012 Suedpfalzsieger Show (ADRK)
  • BG Speicher Show (ADRK)
  • RKNA Breed Show – Mid Michigan Rottweiler & Schutzhund Klub (USA)
  • Rottweil
  • Finland Sieger Show
  • Pakistan Sieger Show
  • 29th Breed Championship Show—Rottweiler Club of Ireland
  • BG Neuwied Show (ADRK)
  • Ladislav Mach Workshop (Czech Republic)

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