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Volume 30 Digital Download

Interview with Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub e.V. President:
René Külzer (Germany)
Agility Rocks! by Patti Hazlitt (USA)
Interview with Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub e.V. ADRK Show &
IPO Judge: Anton Spindler (Germany)
Anna Leivers FURtography (United Kingdom)
Aquatic Activities with a Rottweiler by Cláudio Nogueira (Portugal)
Interview with Junior Handler Kali Walter (USA)
Photos by Diane Ciminero (USA)
Would you Believe? by Louise & John Odom (USA) Co-authors: Karen & Don Windham
The Boomerang Dog: In Memory of Pacifika Bravada (Oct. 2007-May 2016) by Brenda Ryan (USA)
Showing a Puppy’s Teeth by Quinn Amorine (USA)
Training Dogs (not only for IPO)—Part 13 by Ladislav Mach (Czech Republic)
Helper Special Feature: Andries Botes (South Africa)
Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis & Polyneuropathy (JLPP) in Rottweilers by
Dr. Prof. Peter Friedrich (Germany)
Dog Handling: Planning the Dog’s Career by Daria Kozlova (Russia)
Out of Retirement—Back in the Game! by Dede Brownstein (USA)
Some Dogs of the Italian Red Cross Dog Program by Patrizia Vitali (Italy)
Stud Dog/Brood Bitch/Upcoming Youth/Promising Puppy
Boundaries & Advocacy of a Breed by Athena Haus (USA)
Behaviour/Temperament by Yvonne Bekkers (FCI-Holland)

3. ADRK World Family Weltsiegerschau 2016 (Germany)
Bolivia Rottweiler Breeders Association ACRB 2015 Sieger Show
FCI World Dog Show (Russia)
FCI National Specialty (Russia)
Cup of Tver 2016 (Russia)
KGZ Russia Show 2016 (Russia)
1. RKNA SE Regional Sieger Show 2016 (USA)
ADRK Protection Helper Trial (Germany)
American Rottweiler Club’s 7th National Sieger Show (USA)
Victoria Rottweiler Club: IPO Trial & Workshop (Canada)
8. & 9. SCRC RKNA Breed Show 2016 (USA)
Exposición Especializada N° 118 (Argentina)
IFR World Show 2016

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