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Volume 34 Digital Download

Cover Dog
2017 ADRK World Sieger + BOB
2017 VDH Europe Sieger + BOB
2017 Austria Klub Sieger + BOB
2017 Bodensee Sieger + BOB

Trained & handled to IPO titles by Oliver Rotti Neubrand

Thanks to Oliver Neubrand for bringing Eskin to the USA for us!

Vom Hause Odom’s Rottweilers
John & Louise Odom
Fort Pierce, Florida

Design by Petra Modrušan

• Interview with Tatyana Popova
• Interview with Johanna Nivala (Finland)
• Interview with Hans-Jürgen Radtke (Germany)
• Interview with John MacDonald (Australia)
• Interview with Vince Carrabba (USA)
• Interview with Callie Tiller (USA)
• A Tale of Tails by Teresa Bradley (USA)
• Dog Parkour. Not Just Jumps & Play!
by Åsa Tova Bergh (Sweden)
• Silver Linings by Brenda Ryan (USA)
• Interview with Dr. Daniela Petkova (Bulgaria)
• Interview with Vinicio Italo Di Paolo (Argentina)
• Baron’s Story – A Victim of JLPP by Ashley Gilland (USA)
• Heart Diseases in Dogs—Part 3
by Dr. Veronika Peroutkova (Czech Republic)
• Puppy Mills? Unethical Breeders? by Mike Stalter (USA)
• Shaping Your Puppy by Barbara Lloyd (Canada)
• Inbreeding & Hip Dysplasia by Frank Comhaire (Belgium)
• Caring for Your Senior Rottweiler by Caleb Duncan (USA)
• XX Cup of Tver 2017 (Russia)
• 4. ADRK-Weltmeisterschaft IPO (Germany)
• Colombia Rottweiler Special Show (Colombia)
• Alliance of Independent Rottweiler Clubs (USA)
• No. 6 RKNA NE Regional Sieger Show &SE (Canada)
• No. 6 RKNA SW Regional Sieger Show & SE (USA)
• Seminar with Oliver Neubrand (Argentina)
• No. 6 RKNA IPO & FH Meisterschaft (USA)
• Russia Klub Sieger Show 2017 (Russia)
• Workshop with Joel Monroe (Canada)
• Dortmund Bundessiegerschau (Germany)
• 47. Klubsieger-Zuchtschau (Germany)
• China Kennel Union Rottweiler Club (China)
Volume 34 available December 2017

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