Volume 38



Volume 38

Released March 2019.

Index of Volume 38
• Interview with Zhao Dongmin (China)
• Defending the Breed by Brenda Ryan (USA)
• Interview with Enoh Drobny (Serbia)
• Interview with Farid Ahmed Qureshi (Pakistan)
• Interview with Sue Kruzenga: Blicksharf Ashke (Australia)
• GDV Syndrome (Gastic Dilation & Volvulus – Torsion! by Dr. Veronika Peroutkova (Czech Republic)
• Young Handler Feature: Tristan Turdean (Romania)
• Interview with Jörg Schwabe (Rottweiler Kennel vom Kriegsdamm – Germany)
• Interview with Glenn Pollock (USA)
• Establishing Goals for a Successful Breeding Program by Steve Wolfson (USA)
• Teaching Your Dog to Work Through Frustration by Barbara Lloyd (Canada)
• Interview with Bill Troiano & Goliath (USA)
• Clicker Training by John MacDonald (Australia)

• The Biggest Party of the Rottweiler of America 2018 – IFR Argentina (Argentina)
• Pakistan Rottweiler Club Championships
• 62nd Championships – Rottweiler Club of Victoria (Australia)
• BG Allgäu Bodensee Ztp (ADRK – Germany)
• Bodensee Sieger Show 2018 (ADRK – Germany)
• Bangalore Rottweiler Specialty Show (India)
• 2018 RKNA Meisterschaft – Victoria Rottweiler Club (Canada)
• 51st Championships – Rottweiler Club of South Australia Inc. (Australia)
• 2nd Euro Banat Cup (Serbia)
• 61st Championship Show – Rottweiler Club of Victoria Inc. (Australia)
• 2018 RKNA Northwest Sieger Show & BSE – Pacific NW Rottweiler Klub (USA)

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