Volume 41



Volume 41


  • Interview with John & Louise Odom (USA)
  • A Variety of Some of the Best in Specialty Show Winning Males & Females in the Last 12 Years in Australia, Photos by Joanne Daisy Swanson (Australia)
  • Interview with Eddy Dewolf (Belgium)
  • Rottweilers, Photos by K. Studio (China)
  • How Much For a Puppy by Sr. Eduardo Loredo Muller
  • Koa’s Story by Brenda Ryan (USA)
  • Memories…To Click or Not to Click by Mia Dunn (USA)
  • Nick Vannerom – Pictures & Answers (Belgium)
  • Interview with Wyatt Parks: Young Handler Featured (USA)
  • Interview with John MacDonald, Allgemein Rottweilers (Australia)
  • Interview with Theresia Vikström (Finland)
  • Finland’s Dog Title Abbreviations
  • Sitting Down with Gyula Takács (Hungary)
  • Sitting Down with Peter Nathan (Australia)
  • Memories – Schutzhund & Drives by Joel Monroe (USA)
  • Socializing a Puppy During COVID-19 by Barbara Lloyd (Canada)


  • Pakistan Rottweiler Club Championships (Pakistan)
  • Indonesian Medan Rottweiler Show (Indonesia)
  • 2019 England’s National IGP Championships (England)
  • 2020 RKNA USA Southwest Sieger Show, BST & Ztp (USA)
  • 2015 IFR World Championships
  • Pakistan Rottweiler Club Championships (Pakistan)
  • RKNA – Victoria Rottweiler Club – Ztp & BST (Canada)
  • RTW Klub Slovenska – Special Exhibition (Slovakia)