Volume 7


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Volume 7


  • Picking A Puppy For Top Level Sport – Trond Otter Johansen (Norway)
  • One Step At A Time…And We Can Teach Our Dogs (Almost) Everything – Asa Tova Bergh (Sweden)
  • The Rottweiler As A Draft Animal – Diane Richardson & Dorianne Almann (USA)
  • Can You Increase The Palatability of Meals Offered So The Dog Will Eat Every Day – Dr. Wim Vandekerkhove (Belgium)
  • Puppy Heelwork – John Johnson (England)
  • Newbies News: Preparing For A Puppy: Anticipating The Arrival – Warren Johnson (USA)
  • Helper Feature – Dusan Majtas (Slovakia)
  • Search & Rescue Rottweiler – Handler Spotlight: Sharon Ward (USA)
  • Rottweilers in Portugal – Claudio Nogueira (Portugal)
  • Introducing the Heeling – Claudio Nogueira (Portugal)
  • The Roat to Military Patrol Dog – Andre Breivikas (Norway)
  • Yerri von der Alten Festung – Darko Modric (Croatia)
  • Nutritional Strategies for Performance Dogs – Lew Olson (USA).
  • Cerebrovascular Accidents in Dogs – Dr. Filippo Adamo (USA)
  • Training Through Controlling The Reinforcement Rather Than The Dog: Drug Detection Training – Police Sergeant & K9 Handler & Trainer – Lucy Newton (USA)
  • More Target Training – Teaching “Place” As A Management Tool (USA)
  • Dynamics of the Rear Assembly – Steven Robinson (USA)
  • Photography Interview: Emelie Lindohf (Sweden)
  • Sweden Workshop – Trond Otter Johansen (Norway)
  • Agility: Ground Work For Contact Obstacles – Part 1 – Patti Neelans (USA)
  • Ismael De Vos (Belgium) Dutch Workshop – Photos by Mario Montes Klaver (The Netherlands)
  • Training The Utility “Signal” Exercise – Part 2 – Marilyn Clayton (Canada)
  • Finland Workshop – Nick Vannerom (Belgium)
  • The Road to K9 Police Dog – Officer Tobias Elmeljung (Sweden)


  • Rottweiler Club of Indonesia
  • Ztp & Seminar (Ukraine)
  • IFR World Show (Italy). Photos by Mario Montes Klaver (The Netherlands)
  • American Rottweiler Club National Speciality & National Sieger Show. Photos mostly by Susan Peyton
  • BG Westheim Klub Show (Germany) – photos by Edgar Hellmann
  • United States Rottweiler Club’s National Sieger Show. Photos by Christina Meacham
  • Greek Rottweiler Speciality Show. Photos by Dr. K. Kontadakis
  • Colonial Rottweiler Speciality (USA)
  • Natal Rottweiler Association Championship Show (South Africa). Photos by Tracy Girling & Mark Pitts
  • Slovakia Klub Sieger Show. Photos by Natasa Lakancic.
  • Australia National Sieger Show. Photos by Jacquelyn Dyer
  • Rottweiler Speciality Show – Rovinji, Croatia. Photos by Petra Kovacic
  • South Korea National Sieger Show – Photos by Jeong Hyojeong

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