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Volume 20 Digital Download


  • From Novice to V Ratings an IPO 3 with a Rottweiler by Kim Batte (USA)
  • Young Handler Special Feature: Denis Milsevic (Serbia)
  • Genetic Selection and Calculation of Coefficient of Inbreeding by Frank Comhaire, MD, PhD (Belgium)
  • Death, Desolation & Darkness: How to Survive Your Best Friend’s Death by Diane Richardson (USA)
  • Helper Feature: Joel Monroe (USA)
  • The Send Away: the perfect ending to the perfect routine Part 2 by Cynthia Zimmerman (USA)
  • What is APHIS? How Might it Affect You? by Jeff Shaver (AKC Tracking Judge & President of American Rottweiler Club – USA)
  • A Happy Ending Story for Zara by Kathleen Vos (FCI-Belgium)
  • Blood Lines by Olga Grin, DVM (Russia – Veternarian & FCI-Russia)
  • The Importance of Fat & Omega 3 Fatty Acids in the Dog’s Diet by Lew Olson (PhD Natural Nutrition & AKC Judge)
  • Zena’s Journey – Search & Rescue Rottweiler by Athena Haus (USA)
  • Rottweilers in Wedding Party by Erika Stepanauskiene (FCI-Lithuania & Veterinarian)
  • Young Handler Special Feature: Neringa Stepanauskiene, (Lithuania)
  • Work Wonders: Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones by Dr. Tom Lonsdale (Veterinarian – Australia)
  • Rottweiler Caricature, or is it? New Zeland Standard for Rottweiler by Ian Geddes-Cook (Rottweiler Specialist Judge New Zeland)
  • Missed Union of Hip Process of Ulna by Dr. Mario Buonfrate (Vet Specialist in Orthopedics & Traumatology & Rottweiler Specialist Judge – Italy)
  • Training Dogs (not only for IPO – Part 4 by Ladislav Mach (FCI – IPO Judge – Czech Republic)
  • Candid Shots
  • Stud Dogs, Brood Bitches, Upcoming Youth, Promising Puppies
  • Rottweilers at Play by Emelie Lindohf (Sweden)
  • Teaching the Back Transport by Nick Vannerom (Belgium)


  • Norway National Specialty
  • ADRK 43rd Klubsieger-Zuchtschau
  • Hungary Rottweiler Show – Judge Mick Svaljek (FCI-Australia)
  • Klub Rottweiler Indonesia
  • Sloveenia Epic Show
  • Piet Hein Bokaal Trial (The Netherlands)
  • RKNA – CORK-Canada Breed Show
  • Belgian Rottweiler Klub Sieger Show
  • Malaysia 3rd Annual Rottweiler Show
  • Pakistan Speciality Show
  • 95º Exposición Especializad ACRR
  • Australia National Sieger Show
  • RKNA – Victoria Rottweiler Club Breed Show & Ztp (Canada)
  • Reggio Emilia CAC-CACIB (Italy)