Volume 22



Volume 22


  • Puppy Basics for Breeder & New Owner by Evie Lynn (USA)
  • Gator vh Mitroi—The Mighty Jumper! by Christian Florin Negoita (Romania)
  • Interview with Dario Como (Italy)
  • Bo, the Rottweiler by Karolis Grigaliunas (Lithuania)
  • Common Themes in Dog Training—Part 7 by Lucy Newton (USA)
  • Rottweilers on a Honeymoon by Erika Stepanauskiene (Lithuania)
  • Quo Vadies Rottweiler Breeding by Helmut Weiler (Germany)
  • Training Dogs (not only for IPO)—Part 6 by Ladislav Mach (Czech Republic)
  • Living as the Leader—Part 2 by Jack Fields (USA)
  • Slaying the Right Dragon by Brenda Ryan (USA)
  • The Importance of Variety in the Canine Diet by Lew Olson (USA)
  • V Rated by Steve Wolfson (USA)
  • The Rottweiler’s Head by Yvonne Bekkers (The Netherlands)
  • Helper Feature: Ed Lunenborg (The Netherlands)
  • New Zealand Kennel Club’s Life Saving Award for a Canine Hero by Sue Jackson (New Zealand)
  • Genetic Selection & Calculation of Coefficient of Inbreeding by Dr. Frank Comhaire (Belgium)
  • Young Handler Feature: Tahlia Mikaela Velasquez (USA)
  • The A-B-C of Operant Conditioning by Dr. Sophia Yin (USA)
  • Work Wonders: Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones by Dr. Tom Lonsdale (Australia)
  • World Championship in Tracking (FCI WCH FH 2014)- Jaroslav Šmolík & Miroslav Pospíšil (Czech Republic)
  • Under the Knife: $urgery for your Four-legged Friend? by Tom Lloyd (USA)
  • Pathologies in a Rottweiler’s Shoulder by Mario Buonffrate (Italy)
  • Rottweilers: Photos by Emelie Lindohf (Sweden)
  • Rottweiler Temperament—Past vs Present by John Bernard (USA)
  • The Importance of Imprinting by Robert Hanlon (USA)
  • Stud Dogs/Brood Bitches/Upcoming Youth/Promising Puppies
  • Candid Shots
  • Interview with Henrik Neumann (Denmark)


  • ADRK 2013 Fall Körung
  • Brazilian KS Show – Nacional da APRO in Itu – São Paulo
  • Southeastern Atlantic Rottweiler Klub (AIRK – USA)
  • Phoenix Rottweiler Klub (RKNA – USA)
  • II Morava Sieger Show (Serbia)
  • South Louisiana Rottweiler Klub
  • (AIRK Nat’l Sieger Show USA)
  • Allgemeiner Rottweiler Klub in Ungarn e.V. II
  • Alba Regia Kup (Hungary)
  • XVI National Show of the Spanish Rottweiler Club (Spain)
  • China Kennel Union Rottweiler Club Show (China)
  • Rottweiler Show Perugia – R.C.I. (Italy)
  • 4th Malaysia Rottweiler Club Show (Malaysia)
  • 3rd Rottweiler Show (Mexico)
  • South Florida Rottweiler Klub (RKNA -USA )

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