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Volume 37 Digital Download

Cover Dog
Young CH Serbia, Multi V1 Rated
Noby From Royal Breed
Turkish Klub Jugendsieger
Silver Cup V Jugendsieger
Wittenberger Jugendsieger ADRK
V1 – Reinhold Richtscheid Gedachtnisschau
V1 – Internationalle Ausstellung Dormund
V2 – IFR World Show
V3 – Europa Sieger Dortmund
V6 – ADRK Klubsieger Show

Persey Lions of Pliva x J. Lo From Royal Breed

Breeder:Nikola Kanjevac (Kennel from Royal Breed)
Owner: Abdulaziz Al-Mehri
Design by Emelie Lindohf
Photos by FotoRott


• Questionable Phenotypic Traits in the Rottweiler by Dr. Prof. Peter Friedrich (Germany)
• Interview with Hernan Montilla, DVM, DACT on reproduction by Louise Odom (USA)
• The Age of the Avatar by Brenda Ryan (USA)
• Merry Quality Time with your Rottie by Åsa Tova Bergh (Sweden)
• Train for the Behaviour!—The Training Plan by Lucy Newton (USA)
• Allerhochste Jilly Bean, CD, BH, TD by Lucy Newton (USA)
• How I Became A Breeder by Robert Tyer (USA)
• Interview with Ivo Aerts (Belgium) – 2nd place 2018 IFR
• Young Handler Feature: Lyndsey Kaylor (USA)
• Helper Special Feature: Glenn Cooke (Australia)
• Dog Training: Questions & Answers by Joel Monroe (USA)
• Training a Mindset by Barbara Lloyd (Canada)
• The 7 Deadly Breed Type Faults by Steve Wolfson (USA)
• Interview with Mathieu Gonzales (France)
• Social Media & the New FCI Breed Standard by Gerard O’Shea (Sweden)

• Lithuania Klub Sieger Show 2018 (Lithuania)
• Jubileumshow AFR 50 Years (Australia)
• Combi Bokoal 2018 (The Netherlands)
• 28th Rottweiler Nationals (Australia)
• 48. Klubsieger-Zuchtschau (Germany)
• China Kennel Union Rottweiler Club (China)
• 2018 Morava Sieger Show (Serbia)
• 2018 ARKS Serbian Klubsieger Show (Serbia)
• BG Allgäu-Bodensee Trial (Germany)
• 2018 IFR World Championships (The Netherlands)
• Workshop with Nick Vannerom (USA)
• Heideschau 2018 (Germany)
• 2018 Kragujevac Sieger Show (Serbia)
• 2018 Balkan Sieger Show (Serbia)
• 2018 RKNA Klub Sieger Show & BSE (held in USA)
• 27th Rottweiler Nationals (Australia)

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