Volume 47



Volume 47


  • Doggone, It’s Summer! by Lili Chin (USA)
  • Service Rottweilers by Evie Lynn (USA)
  • Breogan Rottweilers – Breeding by Eduardo Díaz Andrés (Spain – Rottweiler FCI Judge & Veterinarian
  • Drawing by Micaela Huang (USA)
  • Rottweilers – photos by Kitti Hajszán (Hungary)
  • The Story of Rakaaz Vasco by Jane Butcher (Australia)
  • How I Discovered Dock Diving by Karen Hartley (Canada)
  • The Versatile Rottweiler – Training Sit Pretty by Paula Garnham (Australia)
  • Interview with Robert Bartovic (Slovakia)
  • Interview with Paul Jarrett (Canine Behaviourist – Australia)
  • Dogbase by Oliver Neubrand (Germany)
  • Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis & Polyneuropathy (JLPP) in Rottweilers by Dr. Prof. Peter Friedrich
  • Dynamics of the Rear Assembly – Part 1 by Steven Robinson (USA)
  • Confessions from the Daughter of the Crazy Dog Lady by Tabitha Ryan (USA)
  • TRW Klub Slovenska – Description of Kombi Class by Robert Bartovic (Slovakia)
  • The Process of Teaching Your Dog to “Go to a mat and lay down” by Barbara Lloyd (Canada)



  • 7. ADRK Weltsieger-Ausstellung (ADRK World Show) – Photos by Mario Montes Klaver (The Netherlands)
  • 30th National Rottweiler Show (Australia) Photos by FFIRE Photography
  • Breed Survey & Breed Standard Evaluation (Australia) – Photos by Cheryl Jones]
  • Rottweiler Club of Queensland Inc. 40th Championship Show (Australia) – Photos by Cheryl Jones
  • ADRK BG Allgäu Bodensee Spring Trial (Germany) – Photos by Klaus Klammer & Susi Segeroth
  • 22. Bodensee Sieger Show (Germany) – Photos by Klaus Klammer & Susi Segeroth
  • RTW Klub Slovenska – Kombi Class (Slovakia)
  • RTW Klub Slovenska – Klub Show (Slovakia)

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