TTRM Volume #31 – Released early November.

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We are an international Rottweiler Magazine with world wide circulation. The focus of the Magazine is to be a resource tool readers can utilize for work, show and information on the breed.

Total Rottweiler Magazine
Total Rottweiler Magazine with Ekaterina Shepeleva and 3 others.Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 at 7:56am
Index of Volume 31
- History of the Rottweiler Breed in Italy by Bruno Morstabilini (Italy)
- Interview with Ekaterina (Katja) Shepeleva (Serbia)
- Heart Diseases in Dogs—Part 1 by Dr. Veronika Peroutková (Czech Republic)
- Anna Leivers Furtography (England)
- Training Dogs (not only for IPO)—Part 14 by Ladislav Mach (Czech Republic)
- Wu-Tang's Axel by Michelle Platt (USA)
- Propinquity by Brenda Ryan (USA)
- Interview with Dean Calderon by Jason Foltz (USA)
- Interview with Jimmy Villegas (USA)
- Showing: Collars by Quinn Amorine (USA)
- From the Veterinary Practice: Babesiosis by Dr. Veronika Peroutková (Czech Republic)
- Common Themes in Dog Training by Lucy Newton (USA)
- How to Prepare Your Dog for the RKNA Standard Evaluation (SE) by Jane Mitchelmore (Canada)
- Heat Stroke by Jacquelin Robson (Canada)
- Dog Handling: Planning the Dog's Career by Daria Kozlova (Czech Republic)
- Leishmaniasis by Dr. Mario Buonfrate
- Taping Ears by Oliver Neubrand (Germany)
- 2017 TTRM Calendar Winners
- Stud Dog/Brood Bitch/Upcoming Youth/Promising Puppy
- Interview with Dr. Olga Grin (Russia)
- Interview with Vinicio Di Paolo (Argentina)

- IPO Trial - The Netherlands
- 3. ADRK World Family Weltsiegerschau 2016
- Landesgruppe Chicago 30th Anniversary Sieger Show
- VI Macedonian Club Sieger Show & 1st Royal Sieger Show
- Rottweiler Club of Malaysia 11th Rottweiler Club Show
- Rottweiler Club of India National Specialty Show (India)
- Dutch IPO Championships (The Netherlands)
- No. 1 RKNA NC Regional IPO Championships (USA)
- No. 5 RKNA Klub Sieger Show & Ztp 2016 (USA)
- Mid Atlantic Rottweiler Klub (MARK) 2016 Sieger Show (USA)
- Exposición Especializada N° 122 (Argentina)
- V Morava-Sieger & 1. Ajax Winner Cup (Serbia)
- No. 5 RKNA Meistershaft (Canada)
- No. 1 & 2 CCRK RKNA Breed Show 2016 (USA)
- IFR 2016 World Championships
Total Rottweiler Magazine
Total Rottweiler Magazine added a new photo to the album: Volume 31.Friday, December 2nd, 2016 at 11:53am
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Total Rottweiler Magazine
Total Rottweiler Magazine with Danielle Brechter.Friday, December 2nd, 2016 at 8:47am
Photo by Danielle Brechter (Wood)
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Total Rottweiler Magazine
Total Rottweiler Magazine added 2 new photos to the album: Volume 31 — with John B. Holbrook and Jamie Martino.Tuesday, November 29th, 2016 at 7:14am
Released late November
Total Rottweiler Magazine
Total Rottweiler Magazine updated their cover photo.Saturday, November 26th, 2016 at 8:11am