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TTRM #35 – Released February!

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We are an international Rottweiler Magazine with world wide circulation. The focus of the Magazine is to be a resource tool readers can utilize for work, show and information on the breed.

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Total Rottweiler Magazine
Total Rottweiler Magazine shared Bazeed Khan's post.Friday, April 27th, 2018 at 3:40am
Total Rottweiler Magazine
Total Rottweiler Magazine shared Anya Rottweiler's post.Friday, April 27th, 2018 at 2:55am
I feel so fortunate to have opportunity to speak one on one with people like Heiner Pellenwessel about the Rottweiler. There is so much information in his interview! For this interview, I asked questions and typed what Heiner answered to my questions. Thanks Heiner for making the time to do your interview over the phone. For those who do not know, Heiner is an ADRK IPO judge and he is fluent in English. This is just a small part of the text (information) in the article. ------------------The old way is to train with pressure. People must train with the modern way. You must have your mind open for modern techniques for the future. Even when training dogs for 20 years, you must open your mind for new things. Just like the old car drinking 30 liters per 100 km and the modern motor uses 5 liters per 100 km. Trainers must be open for new things. Even when an old German champion, you must not think your system is the best.

I was ADRK Champion with Biko vom Herrenholz (tracking 99; obedience 96; protection 94 = 288 V). If I were to compete against this young man, for sure I would be not be able to beat him because my dog was not so fast. My dog was not as happy. The techniques were completely different and now one must go to seminars, go to see the modern style. This is an important thing for the future. When you are standing still, and do not learn, you move backwards and do not advance.

Our target must be to make the Rottweiler better and this means we must not stand still. We must make the steps in front every time. Also, with new techniques in training, the future of the Rottweiler is when you make it better, you must make new techniques to make the dog better and better because our life is also changing every year. Every year, the rest of the human people all over the world change how they look at dogs. 200 years ago, the Rottweiler needed to be an aggressive dog to keep robbers away from the property. Today, we must have a Rottweiler who must live in our times and the Rottweiler must be a social dog. The problem is the people.

I believe the Ztp should be changed because we no longer live in 1800 or 1900. We now live in 2000+. Information travels very fast to the people through the newspapers and mostly the internet. In the past, I could take a picture of my dog laying on the sofa and it took weeks to reach the person I was sending it to. Now, with the internet, everything is instant. Everything must change.

Today, we need a very playful dog who has very high drive, who is crazy for the ball and the sleeve but most important is that the dog must have good nerves.

My opinion of nerves is not drive. Many breeders think when a dog is barking and running fast to the living room, or running inside the yard, that this dog has super high drive. This is a big mistake. The dog has no working drive. The dog is almost nervous. When you have a nervous male and you breed to a nervous female, the breeder creates puppies afraid of all as they are hear the grass growing. This type of dog is a problem. This type of dog so nervous that if it comes into a bad situation, then this dog will make a fault and this type of dog will bite a human because this type of dog has bad nerves. When the breeders breed bad nerves, they create puppies with worse nerves than the parents. This is crazy. For testing the nerves, we must have new Ztp rules. Currently, the Ztp can be trained so nerve problems hidden by good trainers.-----pictured below is Heiner with Isy v Schwaiger Wappen.
Total Rottweiler Magazine
Total Rottweiler MagazineTuesday, April 17th, 2018 at 7:15pm

Jonny von der Steineiche, BH, IPO 3, Ztp
HD +/-, ED Frei, JLPP Frei
V3 - 2014 ADRK KS

Dt.-ADRK CH, Europasieger 2012, Multi V1 Jesse von der Lauterbrücke, VPG3/IPO 3, BH, AD, Ztp, Gekört, HD/ED Frei
V Rated Fee von der Steineiche, IPO 2, BH, Ztp, HD/ED Frei, JLPP Frei

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Sandy & Alisha McIsaac
Tiny, Ontario, Canada

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Total Rottweiler Magazine
Total Rottweiler MagazineSunday, April 15th, 2018 at 9:35am
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• Interview with Aleksandar Gagic (Serbia)
• The Value of Teaching the Dog to “Push the Button” to get Reinforcement by Lucy Newton (USA)
• Pradeepan (Ben) Kamalanathan: Grade 5 Project on Rottweilers (USA)
• Meet Alexandra Day and Carl by Alexandra Day (USA)
• Rocky’s Story: From Troubled Dog to True Champion by Jeff Salter (USA)
• Interview with Heiner Pellenwessel (Germany)
• Interview with Ivan Ristovic (Serbia)
• Rottweilers...Photos by Maren Beyer (Germany)
• Impulse Control—What Every Dog Needs to Know! by Barbara Lloyd (Canada)
• Odin: Support Service Dog by Mike Stalter (USA)
• Gun—Therapy Dog by Hyo Jeong Jeong “Sophia” (Canada)
• Moments in Time by Brenda Ryan (USA)
• How to Pick ka Stud Dog for Your Female by Mike Stalter (USA)
• Bones Muscle Power by Steven Wolfson (USA)
• Rottweilers..Photos by Emelie Lindohf (Sweden)
• Interview with Renee Kennedy (Australia)

• 37. Italian Klubsieger Show (Italy)
• Sydjysk Winner (Denmark)
• RKNA SW Regional IPO Championships (USA)
• Rottweiler Club of India National Specialty Show (India)
• USRC National IPO Championships & BST (USA)
• No. 6 RKNA SW Regional Sieger Show & SE (USA)
• ADRK Deutsche Meisterschaft der Fährtenhunde (Germany)
• ADRK BG Allgäu-Bodensee - IPO Trial (Germany)
• No. 1 Rottgoias Show (Brazil)
• China Kennel Union Rottweiler Club - Asian Show (China)
• ADRK BG Allgäu-Bodensee - Ztp (Germany)
Total Rottweiler Magazine
Total Rottweiler MagazineSaturday, April 14th, 2018 at 6:04pm
Thanks Sophia Hyo Jeong Jeong for the super excellent gift that arrived yesterday! Sophia is who came up with the idea of the TTRM banner and the half head. She had these business cards made in South Korea. They are plastic, not the normal paper. I love them! Thanks Sophia!!!
Total Rottweiler Magazine
Total Rottweiler MagazineSaturday, April 14th, 2018 at 2:57pm
Thanks Sophia Hyo Jeong Jeong for the super excellent gift that arrived yesterday! Sophia is who came up with the idea of the TTRM banner and the half head. She had these business cards made in South Korea. They are plastic, not the normal paper. I love them! Thanks Sophia!!!