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TTRM #40 – Available December 2019

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Our articles are written by experienced individuals in the area they are writing about. We also publish articles on Service Rottweilers, K9′s, carting, agility, herding, CKC/AKC advanced titles – all working dog titles.
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Who are we?

We are an international Rottweiler Magazine with world wide circulation. The focus of the Magazine is to be a resource tool readers can utilize for work, show and information on the breed.

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Total Rottweiler Magazine
Total Rottweiler MagazineTuesday, December 10th, 2019 at 6:45pm
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Allgemein Rottweilers
Actively involved in showing/working/breeding Rottweilers 38+ years!
Breeding quality Rottweilers in USA & Australia
Puppies are here!
1 male + 4 females
Born in Thomasville, Georgia, USA
Abby vom Eifelbrillant, BH, HD +/-, EDFrei (ADRK), JLPP N/N
Salomon vom Kressbach x Daja von der Mattesburg
Dt.-VDH CH, Multi V1 Rumo von der Fischermühle, IPO3, Ztp
HD Frei, ED Frei, JLPP N/N
Greif von der Crossener Ranch x Pippa von der Fischermühle
Allgemein Rottweilers
Lynne MacDonald &
John A Mac Donald (FCI Rottweiler Judge & Professional Dog Trainer)
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Australia - +61 409 522 979 or +61 408 306 412
USA - +1 229 200 9188 (Vilya Vilbas)
Design: Suski Tuominen