Volume 29


Available mid March.


Volume 29


Teaching a Puppy to Stack by Quinn Amorine (USA)
Causes of Infertility in Dogs by Lew Olson (USA)
Young Handler Special Feature Kendall Jaras (USA)
Photos by Blackrotthmans Foto (Romania)
The Importance of Exercise & Conditioning for all Working Dogs by Athena Haus (USA)
The Age of Instinction by Brenda Ryan (USA)
Interview with Neil Perkins (South Africa)
Helper Special Feature: Ljuba Latinovic (Serbia)
Dog Handling: Basic Concepts by Daria Kozlova (Russia)
Breeding Strategies & Their Application Revealing the Fundamentals by Prof. Dr. Peter Friedrich (Germany)
Common Themes in Dog Training by Lucy Newton (USA)
Puppy Love? Where to Draw the Line by Dede Brownstein (USA)
The Rottweiler’s Teeth by Dr. Mario Buonfrate (Italy)
Rottweilers…photos by Emelie Lindohf (Sweden)
Lure Coursing by Beth Jackson (USA)
Does Living With Dogs Bring us Joy? by Åsa Tova Bergh (Sweden)
How to Teach a Dog to Jump Rope by Anja Hermane (Canada)
Interview with Peteris Akimovs (Latvia)
What is Barn Hunting? by Tina Coté (USA)
The Split of the Rottweiler Breed! by Oliver Neubrand (Germany)
New Titles/Stud Dog/Brood Bitch/Upcoming Youth/Promising Puppy
Training Dogs (not only for IPO)—Part 12 by Ladislav Mach (Czech Republic)
The Rottweiler’s Tail by Yvonne Bekkers (The Netherlands)


ADRK BG Allgäu Bodensee Trial (Germany)
ADRK Landesgroup Oberschwaben (Germany)
29º Exposição Especializada da Raça Rottweiler- CRDF (Brazil)
4. RKNA Klub Sieger Show 2015 hosted by Southcoast Rottweiler Club (USA)
Western Province Rottweiler Club 25th Jubilee Championship Show (South Africa)
International & National Ausstellung Bremen (Germany)
45. ADRK Klubsieger-Zuchtschau 2015, Part 2 (Germany)
6. RKNA Spring Sieger Show hosted by South Florida Rottweiler Klub (USA)
Alliance of Independent Rottweiler Klubs 2016 Sieger Show (USA)
Hannover International CACIB Show (Germany)
Central Rottweiler Club (New Zealand)
Siam Winner Show 2016
Canine Expo 2015 Rottweiler Specialty Show (Australia)
ADRK BG Allgäu Bodensee Trial (Germany)

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