Volume 23



Volume 23


  • Puppy Basics for New Owner by Evie Lynn
  • What is the ADRK Körung? by Edgar Hellmann
  • Under the Knife: $urgery for your Four-legged Friend? By Tom Lloyd (USA)
  • Inbreeding, Popular Sire Effect, Body Mass Index & Hip Dysplasia by Frank Comhaire, MD, PhD
  • Helper Feature: Jeffery Batiste
  • Ossification of the Tendons & Forearm Flexor Muscles by Dr. Mario Buonfrate, Vet Specialist
  • Pet Therapy—Is it for YOU? By Dede Brownstein
  • Work Wonders: Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones by Dr. Tom Lonsdale
  • Living with a Deaf Rottweiler by Dr. Bertha Molnar
  • Training Dogs (not only for IPO)—Part 7 by Ladislav Mach
  • Soundproofing Your Dog by Patti Neelans
  • The Greatest Love of All by Brenda Ryan
  • Is the Future of the Working Rottweiler at Stake? By Tor Andre Breivikås
  • Dog Training—Failure by Lucy Newton
  • Wire Coated, Bearded/Furnished Dogs by Diane Richardson
  • Stud Dogs/Brood Bitch/Upcoming Youth/Promising Pups
  • Candid Shots
  • Young Handler Feature: Ethan Miguel Velasquez
  • IPO workshop by Joel Monroe
  • IPO workshop by Nick Vannerom
  • FCI Kennel Club, CAC, CACIB, FCI Judges… What does it all Mean? By Yvonne Bekkers
  • Becoming a Judge: how & why? by Yvonne Bekkers


  • ADRK Spring Körung
  • IFR World Show 2014
  • Klub Rottweiler Indonesia (KRI)
  • 2014 American Rottweiler Club Nationals
  • RKNA – Central Ontario Rottweiler Klub Breed Show
  • Croatian Klub Sieger Show 2014
  • ADRK World Family Judges’ Seminar
  • ADRK 1st World Show 2014
  • Union Francaise pour le Rottweiler (U.F.R.) Regional Show
  • 100° Exposicion ACRR 2014 (Argentina)
  • National IPO Championship & Specialty Show 2014 Czech Republic
  • FCI World Championships in Tracking 2013
  • Union Francaise pour le Rottweiler (U.F.R.) Show
  • New Zealand Rottweiler National CH Show & Breed Test


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