Volume 27



Volume 27


  • Embracing the Adversity by Brenda Ryan (USA)
  • Interview with Dmitry Dudukin (Russia)
  • Introducing a New Puppy to Your Household By Patti Neelans (USA)
  • Dog Handling: Basic Concepts by Daria Kozlova (Russia)
  • Trialing & Showing at the 2015 American Rottweiler Club National
  • Specialty & Sieger Show by Dede Brownstein (USA)
  • Nose Work: When Your Dog Knows What! by Åsa Tova Bergh (Sweden)
  • Helper Special Feature: William Robinson (Canada)
  • My Courageous Companion: Acima v Drasambia by Linda Barron (Canada)
  • Rottweiler Photography: How to Successfully Photograph a Black Dog
  • By John Holbrook (USA)
  • Service Dog: Samsono by Danielle Jacobs (USA)
  • Training Dogs (not only for IPO)—Part 11 by Ladislav Mach (Czech
  • Rottweilers…photos by Emelie Lindohf (Sweden)
  • Candid Shots
  • Interview with Michele Sorrieno (Italy)
  • The Rottweiler’s Eye by Yvonne Bekkers (The Netherlands)


  • 2. ADRK IPO World Championships (Germany)
  • XVIII – Rottweilers Championship Tver Cup 2015 (Russia)
  • 2015 World Dog Show (Italy)
  • 112° Exposición Especializada ACRR 2015
  • Smoky Mountain Working Rottweiler Klub (RKNA-USA)
  • Scandinavian Klubsieger 2015 & IPO Championships
  • 16 Class Open Single Breed Show (England)
  • Indonesia Show
  • IFR World Show (Italy)
  • Südpfalzschau BG Westheim (Germany)
  • Dutch Klub Sieger Show
  • Brazil Specialty Show
  • the Federation of Rottweiler Friends (Phillipines)
  • Central Ontario Rottweiler Klub (RKNA-Canada)
  • Antico Guerriero Exhibition (Italy)
  • UFR Rottweiler Show (France)

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