Volume 36



Volume 36

Released June 2018.

Cover Dog
Sumo von Tonis Bergen
Multi V1, Multi BOB, Croatia Young CH
2017 IFR Young World Winner
2017 ADRK Young World Winner
2017 Croatian Klubjugensieger + Best Young Male of Croatian Breeding
2017 Slovenia Klubjugensieger + Junior BOB
2017 ADRK Südpfalz Jugendsieger
2017 HMRD Hugary Auslandjugensieger & Klubjugendsieger & Best Young Dog in Show
2017 ADRK Oberpfaltzjugendsieger
2017 Sremjugendsieger
2017 Vice Schwabenjugendsieger
2017 Alba Reagia Auslandsieger & Best Adult Male
2018 Beograd Sieger
2018 Middle Europe Sieger + BOB

owned by Abdulaziz Al Mehri

Design by Petra Modrušan

• It All Started With a Rottweiler by Mike Horgan (USA)
• Interview with Robert Tenold (Norway)
• From the Veterinary Practice: Parasites Never Sleep—Are you Ready for Them? by Dr. Michael Chalupa
• Helper Special Feature: Kyle Krotter (USA)
• Interview with Bill Patterson (New Zealand)
• Interview with Eduardo Díaz Andrés (Spain)
• Caring for Your Senior Rottweiler—Part 2 by Chanone & Caleb (Canada)
• Parkour—What Is It? by Barbara Lloyd (Canada)
• The Unsung Heroes by Brenda Ryan (USA)
• Thinking Outside the Box…While Teaching Your Dog to Step Inside it by Åsa Tova Bergh (Sweden)
• The 7 Deadly Structural Faults by Steve Wolfson (USA)
• Show Training by Branko Torma (Serbia)
• What is the RKNA—Rottweiler Klub of North America? by Michelle Platt (USA)

• Heideschau ADRK (Germany)
• 2018 RKNA NE Regional Sieger Show & SE (USA)
• No. 5 Vorderpfalzschau & Ztp – ADRK (Germany)
• 2018 Finland Special Show (Finland)
• 1st Raduno Rottweiler del Connero Show (Italy)
• Inaugural Double Championship Shows of Rottweiler Club of Tasmania (Tasmania)
• Estonian Klub Sieger Show 2018 (Estonia)
• No. 7 Hardtschau 2018 (Germany)
• China Kennel Union Rottweiler Club – Clubsieger Show (China)
• BG Allgäu Bodensee – Ztp (Germany)
• Central Rottweiler Club of New Zealand Specialty Show (New Zealand)
• VII Macedonian Klub Sieger & II Royal Sieger (Macedonia)
• ADRK Local Group BG Allgäu Bodensee – Trial (Germany)
• No. 5 ADRK Weltsiegerschau 2018 (Germany)
• Workshop with Joel Monroe (Canada)
• Tamil Nadu Rottweiler Association – 2nd Annual Show (India)

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