Volume 9



Volume 9


  • Rottweilers At Play – Photographer Emelie Lindohf (Sweden)
  • Feeding a Large Breed Puppy (Rottweiler) by Dr. Mario Buonfrate (Italy)
  • Sharing Smiles & Joy with Therapy Dogs Incorporated by Dede Brownstein (USA)
  • Bloodlines – Famous Rottweilers of the Past – Noris vom Gruntenblick – by Jim Laubmeier (USA)
  • Event Calendar for Active Dogs – Part 1 by Asa Tova Bergh (Sweden)
  • How to Prepare & Show Your Rottweiler in German Style Conformation Shows by USRC Judge Andreas Mueller (USA)
  • Toy, Food & Pack Drives by Joel Monroe (USA)
  • Training Your Puppy to Sit by John Johnson (England)
  • Therapy Dog…Turbo’s Tales by Pat Crawford (USA)
  • Icon of the Breed by Steve Wolfson (USA)
  • Daisy Does It by ARC President & AKC Tracking Judge Jeff Shaver (USA)
  • Helper Feature: Patrick Letellier (Belgium)
  • Cutting a Rottweiler’s Nails by Janna Morgan & Pam Girt (USA)
  • Unlocking the Door by Jack Fields (USA)
  • The Road to K9 Police Dog – Part 3 by Officer Tobias Elmeljung (Sweden)
  • Nutrition & The Brood Bitch by AKC Judge Lew Olson (PhD Animal Natural Health) (USA)
  • Enhancing & Creating Extreme Grips in Any Dog with Proper Training by Robert Hanlon, Ray Medina, Barbara Crumley & Hanlon’s K9 LLC
  • Police K9 Steele by Police Sergeant & K9 Handler & Trainer Lucy Newton (USA)
  • Agility: Teeter by Patti Neelans (USA)
  • Canadian “Seek Back” & USA “Directed Retrieve” – Part 1 by Marilyn Clayton (Canada)
  • Dynamics of the Rear Assembly – Part 3 by Steven Robinson (USA)
  • Detect & Indicate Sounds Under K9 Dog Patrol by Tor Andrew Breivikas (Norway)
  • Stud Dog/Brood Bitch/Upcoming Youth/Promising Puppies
  • Candid Shots
  • Newbies News: Feeding Your Puppy: Developing Good Eating Habits
  • Preparing a Rottweiler for the Ztp Test by Branimir Miklobusec (Slovenia)
  • The Stick & The Whip by Nick Vannerom (Belgium)


  • Rottweiler Club of Greece – Test of Character SEminar & Exams
  • 2010 IFR World IPO Championships Denmark. Report by IFR Vice President Dirk Vandecasteele; Photographer Mario Montes Klaver
  • ADRK 2010 Fall Koerung. Photographer Mario Montes Klaver
  • Rottweiler Club of South Australia
  • Munster Rottweiler Club 1st National Sieger Show (Ireland)
  • Belgian Rottweiler Klub Sieger Show (Belgium)
  • AIRK National Sieger Show (USA)
  • Medallion Rottweiler Club 51st Anniversy Speciality (USA). Report by Pam Grant. Photographer Susan & Lennah, LLC
  • 2010 Italy Klub Sieger Show.
  • ADRK 2010 Deutscje Meisterschaft VPG. Photographers Sabine Reinhardt & Diane DeMoet
  • XVII Portugese Rottweiler Klub Sieger Show
  • 2010 Czech Republic IPO Championships. Photographer Hana Touskova
  • 2010 Rottweiler Club of Canada National Sieger Show
  • Brazil 2nd Show. Photographer Felipe Salles.
  • 50th Golden Jubilee Championship Show (Australia)
  • South Korea Klub Sieger Show
  • Romania Klub Sieger Show
  • Slovenia Klub Sieger Show. Photographers Mera Dogs, Natasa Lukancic & Tomaz Camdzic
  • Brazil Klub Sieger Show. Photographer Felipe Salles
  • Dutch Working Championships – Photographer Mario Montes Klaver
  • Croatia Split Show
  • Austria Bundessieger Show. Photographer Natasa Lukancic
  • AIRK 7th Annual National Sieger Show (USA)

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